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Hunstanton Circular Walk Via Holme Dunes

This Hunstanton circular walk can be either a 5 mile walk (if you start from Old Hunstanton car park) or a 7 mile walk if you start from the town of Hunstanton. 

On the way out this Hunstanton circular walk takes you along a lovely small stretch of the Norfolk Coast Path with stunning coastal scenery, amongst the wildlife dunes of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Holme Dunes Nature Reserve and then, on the way back you end up walking along a quiet track which runs adjacent to Redwell Marsh Nature Reserve and along narrow paths running parallel to the River Hun and ending up crossing the very popular Hunstanton Golf Course heading back towards Hunstanton. 

The dunes overlooking Old Hunstanton beach

Even though it’s a walk that takes you along the coast, when you come inland it has a slightly rural feel to it, so it's a walk with contrasting landscape. 

If the tide is low, on the way back you can walk to Hunstanton via the beach, passing the famous three-tiered cliff face and spot the shipwreck in amongst the huge pebbles that show themselves at low tide.  

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Hunstanton Circular Walk

Length of Walk:  5 or 7 miles

Ease of walk:  Easy, flat but can be muddy in the winter months

What you’ll see:  coastal scenery, beach huts, dunes, nature reserves, walking along quiet narrow paths running parallel to the River Hun and adjacent to Hunstanton Golf Course.

Downloadable PDF:  You can download a pdf of the route directions and map here.

Hunstanton circular walk

Map Of The Hunstanton Circular Walk

Map of the Hunstanton circular walk

Route Directions

1.  If you are going to start from the middle of Hunstanton (7 miles), you can park in one of the many car parks in town.  Starting from the band stand at the bottom of green overlooking the sea, walk away from the town along the wide grassy cliff towards St Edmund’s Chapel and the white Lighthouse.    There’s always a good photo opportunity at St Edmund's Chapel as you take a look through the arch of the chapel towards the lighthouse! 

St Edmund's Chapel is now a small ruin but it does have amazing views over to the sea.  You can find more details about St Edmund's Chapel and the lighthouse when you pop over to the page on Hunstanton here.

St Edmund's Chapel, Hunstanton

Once past the lighthouse, head towards the large grassy car park of Old Hunstanton beach

Walk down the hill towards the entrance of the beach.   Walk down the narrow path heading towards the beach, but before you reach it, look out for a wooden waymarker with an acorn sign on the right hand side which takes you through some high bushes either side of you.  This is part of the Norfolk Coast Path and this is the path you want to take here.

A bit further along here you come out into the open and you're met by the most wonderful view.  Beach, sea, huge skies and beach huts.

The wonderful view over the beach huts to Old Hunstanton beach

Continue along the Norfolk Coast Path.  Once past the beach huts you can either walk along the back of the dunes, or if you prefer to see the sea, walk up along the well trodden sea wall, or even drop down to be on the same level as the sea.   If you do drop down, just be aware that you will need to come slightly inland after a large wooden hut which is on your right-hand side and head towards Holme.  

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2.  Having reached this point on the Hunstanton circular walk, you turn right as if you were now walking back to Holme village.  This is where the Peddars Way joins the Norfolk Coast Path and you’ll see a large waymarker.

The Norfolk Coast Path and Peddars Way Waymarker at Holme
The track that you walk along once you come off the Norfolk Coast PathBear left here to follow the River Hun

Carry on along the Norfolk Coast Path following the acorn signs and heading into Holme Dunes.  The path takes you onto more stable terrain with a well defined path.  

3.  Walk along here until you pass a house on your right.  Look out for quite a large brick post with a rounded top as this is where you turn right off the path and walk down to the small car park.  Turn right here to continue the walk along the track.  You'll also notice some residential houses.

Holme beach (a little bit further on from where you have just come off the path) was where Seahenge was discovered.  This was a 4000 year old Bronze Age timber circle which was then excavated and the timbers were taken away to be preserved and then brought back to Lynn Museum.  

4.  Follow this road, passing Redwell Marsh Nature Reserve on your left until you notice a grassy patch on the left hand side, along with a yellow fire hydrant, some wooden posts to stop cars parking here and a footpath waymarker post.  

The reeds along the Hunstanton Circular Walk

Bear left at this point, hugging the River Hun along a narrow footpath which takes your through a small reed bed and you will also notice a Redwell Marsh bird hide.  

Continue to follow the path, which can be quite muddy in the winter, walking over a wooden footbridge, and alongside a paddock where you will then reach Beach Road (which goes to Holme beach). 

5.  Cross straight over this road and follow the path, walking along the edge of a small caravan park and then besides the golf course.  The river continues to be on your left.  

Walking alongside Hunstanton Golf Course

Eventually the path brings you to the edge of the village of Old Hunstanton and the road which heads towards the golf course.  

Walking through the golf course to the beach hutsPath through the golf course

6.  Bear right and carry on in the direction of the golf course, but just before you get to the club house you’ll see a path on the right which cuts through the course.  Take this right hand path, watching out for any golfers and golf balls (!) and head towards the beach huts.  

7.  Once at the beach huts you are now back on the path you started at for this Hunstanton circular walk, so bear left and walk back to Old Hunstanton beach car park (if you started there), or back to Hunstanton.  If the tide is out, you can walk back along the beach and have a look at the amazing three tiered cliff face and the shipwreck that lies amongst the huge pebbles.

The shipwreck on Hunstanton beach at low tideThe shipwreck at low tide

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