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Advertise with Explore Norfolk UK

Explore Norfolk UK offers unique, well priced, targeted Norfolk advertising options that will reach your customers during the planning stages of their visit to this wonderful county.

Why Advertise on Explore Norfolk UK?

There are many ways in which to advertise your services, offline, and online.  Many visitors coming to Norfolk pick up a magazine or brochure left in their accommodation, the local supermarket or even the tourist information office, by which time they have already arrived in Norfolk, they’ve made their decision regarding accommodation, courses, and “must see” sights, leaving you and your advert where it last was, in one of those places mentioned above!  They might just revisit next year and try you out maybe, but they might also have forgotten about you by that time?

Reach your customers before they visit Norfolk

When it comes to Explore Norfolk UK we are targeted to all the great places to visit, close to many of the accommodation options, and all with detailed independent reviews. 

These days people want “real” reviews, not views from the service provider, and they want a passion that oozes for the places they are coming to. That’s what makes Explore Norfolk UK different from most Norfolk websites.  We get personal!  We’re trusted and liked by many and, becoming very well known.

All our traffic is targeted to what people want to read about.  (That is very important).  There is no fluff on Explore Norfolk UK.  We connect with visitors before they come. They want to know which beach they can bring their beloved dog to, which hotel or cottage accepts dogs, how they can plan their week before they come.  They’re looking for tips and recommendations, all of which they get from Explore Norfolk UK.

These are exactly the visitors you want.  

And we are getting between 20% and 30% + click through rate from our unique page about your property or business over to your website.

And as we're in Norfolk, Explore Norfolk UK "do different".  We write about your business from a personal point of view and add you to relevant pages on our site. This has a huge success rate as visitors are coming to your webpage already primed and know what to expect.  

Yes,  you can find others that will give you swanky photography and beautifully set out text displays, but at the end of the day you need visitors to your website, and that's what we guarantee to provide.

Here are 2 examples:

Briarfields Hotel
Big Sky Cottages B&B

"Hi Suzy, I just thought I would let you know that we were worried about getting bookings, but have had 5 confirmed weeks booked already and its only been a couple of weeks of advertising!! We are thrilled to bits."

Norfolk Accommodation We are one of the top 5 Norfolk tourist websites

Our website visitors are looking for specifics.
So if you’re a business in Norfolk and want our traffic that is totally focused on you then look no further than advertising with Explore Norfolk UK.

To contact Suzy
email: suzy@explorenorfolkuk.co.uk or ring 07765 668188
Don’t forget – we are one of the top 5 Norfolk websites

The Unique Touch of Explore Norfolk UK

Explore Norfolk UK is growing rapidly in size and popularity and already rank very highly for many of its pages.  

We don’t want to lose the philosophy of what Explore Norfolk UK is all about – a love and passion for a county that is rich in heritage, culture, nature and beauty, therefore our choices of advertisers will be carefully chosen.


We don’t take on too many advertising opportunities, as we know what it's like to have to wade through pages and pages of cottages/apartments to actually find what you want.  We want a few select quality owners and businesses who want to create a win-win-win (you-visitor-Explore Norfolk UK).  You must have an excellent good quality product or service.  We won't work with a company that would result in customers having a sub-par experience during their visit.  Your placement will appear on the most appropriate pages relating to your business, and many times this will be 4 or 5 pages or more.


Our rates are simple. Total cost is £90 per property or business for a year.   If you are a property business and have more than one property,  we will charge slightly more.   This figure is based on our traffic, click through's, and the value to you, the advertiser.  

What do you get for that?

  • A full unique page with photos and links back to your website
  • Thumbnails on all other relevant pages - be it dog friendly beaches/dog friendly accommodation/Seals in Horsey/RPSB Snettisham/Wells beach and so on.  It just depends where your business is based
  • targeted traffic from visitors looking for something specific.
  • share/likes or retweets, with comments where applicable, on social media

To find out more, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help:

Email:  suzy@explorenorfolkuk.co.uk
Phone:  07765 668188

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