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The Felbrigg Circular Walk

The Felbrigg Circular walk is an undulating 6 ½ mile circular walk that takes you from the centre of Cromer, meandering along a small stretch of the Weaver’s Way, passing the impressive Jacobean National Trust property of Felbrigg Hall and on through pretty beech woodland and up to what is known as the Roman Camp.  You then descend back along lovely quiet tracks until you reach the middle of Cromer again!

The splendour of Felbrigg Hall on this 6.5 mile circular walk

A Day Out

If you plan this walk well, you could really use this as a day out. 

Felbrigg Hall is actually just under half way, so if you felt like a break on your walk, then you could

  • stop at the café and have some refreshments, or 
  • have a wander around the wonderful walled garden (you would have to pay for this), 
  • and even visit the interior of the house which is extraordinary, 

and then continue on you way again.

The side view of Felbrigg Hall which you'll see on this walk

Owned by the National Trust, Felbrigg Hall is a 17th Century Jacobean property which has some really lovely short circular walks around the parkland, lake and woods as well.  You can read more about the Felbrigg Hall here.

The Felbrigg Circular Walk Directions

Length:  6.5 miles
Ease of Walk:  Moderate as there are a few inclines but they’re not overly excessive!
What you’ll see:  open countryside, pretty beech woodlands, Felbrigg Hall and parkland, quiet lanes and tracks, view from the Roman Camp over to the sea (if you take a diversion – see the video)
Dog friendly:  I think this would be best without dogs for the following reasons: there may be cows in the field near Amazona Zoo and there is also a bit of tarmac walking in the grounds of Felbrigg Hall (where dogs would need to be under control) and also along the lanes and the middle of Cromer.
Postcode:  NR27 9DX
OS Map: Explorer 252

You can watch a video of the walk here

Map of the Felbrigg Hall Circular Walk

This walk is fairly well signed, thanks to Norfolk Trails who keep up the signage and the paths updated where necessary.

The Norfolk Trails Felbrigg Hall Circular Walk signs
  1. Start from the Meadow Car park in Cromer where you’ll also see the Felbrigg circular walk sign. With your back to the centre of Cromer, head towards the recreation field and skateboard park just the other side of the car park. Walk to the far right hand corner where you’ll come out onto Hall Road. Follow the pavement, passing the Gothic Cromer Hall on your right and continue up the slight incline where you’ll eventually arrive at the entrance to Amazona Zoo.
Gothic Cromer Hall
  1. Bear right at the zoo entrance to walk up to the main road and turn left onto the Hall Road again. A very short way along here you’ll see a Weaver’s Way sign pointing right, into the field opposite. Cross the road, go through the gate and head up the hill in a diagonal direction heading towards a small copse. There may be cows in this field. If you watch the video, you’ll see this!

  1. Once you’re at the top of the field and you’ve reached the corner of the copse, bear very slightly left across the field where you’ll see a gate which takes you over the railway. Once through the gate, just follow this well-trodden path, cutting through fields and alongside woodland until you reach some steps down to a quiet lane. The path is fairly obvious.
Footpath alongside the fields
Footpath through the fields
  1. Turn right at the bottom of the steps to continue a short way along the lane until you see a footpath on the left, along with another Weavers Way sign.

    Continue along this narrow path until you reach some residential houses and eventually arrive at a main road (with a pond on your left).
Steps down onto a quiet lane
  1. Turn right here and continue along the road until you reach a village green with an attractive war memorial situated in the middle. This is the Felbrigg village green.
  2. Bear left along the track just before the green and continue in this same direction until you reach a couple of houses and a gate; this is the start of the Felbrigg Hall grounds.
  3. Cross straight over the field, heading towards a tree tunnel which you walk through. Continue in the same direction until you reach the tarmac road which takes you all the way to Felbrigg Hall.
  4. Turn left at this road and head towards the Hall. You’ll notice the dovecote and the wonderful brick wall of the garden on your right. This is what I love about this Felbrigg circular walk, there are so many different aspects to it.
The dovecote and brick wall from the path heading towards Felbrigg Hall
  1. Eventually you’ll arrive at the car park. Walk straight through the car park and continue along the road in front of the hall. You may like to stop here for a break!

  You can find out more about the house, park and gardens here.

The Courtyard Cafe at Felbrigg Hall

Continuing on this Felbrigg circular walk, you walk on past the Hall where you’ll notice the differing architecture on the west side of the house where various generations have added onto the Hall.  

This is a pleasant walk cutting through the grounds until you reach a lane and The Lodge.

  1. Turn right at The Lodge to walk up the quiet wooded lane until you hear and reach the main A148.
Enjoying the woodlands along this quiet lane

Once up at the top of the lane, look out for a short stubby sign on the left in the ferns.  Follow the little narrow path of ferns (depending on what time of year you walk) to come out onto a wide grassy verge along the main road.

  1. Turn left and walk a short distance along the verge until you are opposite a lane with “no entry” signs. Cross over the road (carefully!!) and continue to follow the lane up the slight incline to the top where you reach a crossroads of wide tracks on the right and left here.
Sign of the Roman Camp
  1. You may like to take a short diversion to the Roman Camp to see some lovely views over the sea. If you do, turn left at this crossroads and walk along the track until your reach a small car park. Here you’ll see a National Trust Roman Camp sign. Turn right onto the grassy hillock, passing the sign and walk straight ahead to the gap in the trees. Here you’ll find a bench to sit and admire the view.
  2. If you don’t take the diversion, turn right to continue on this Felbrigg Circular Walk, heading on down along a wide track. (If you do take the diversion, retrace your steps and cross straight over the quiet lane to the track. Head on down the hill, following the footpath). You’ll pass a campsite on your left. Just keep heading in the direction of the path, passing through a couple of kissing gates, until you reach an opening with a grass triangle and a junction of tracks.
Keep straight on here!
  1. Turn right here (not well sign posted when I walked) to take you along a narrow path with hedges either side. This path eventually brings you out onto a farm track.
  2. Continue ahead in the same direction (the track on the right is private – there is a sign!) until you reach a quite lane which you cross over. Head up another slight incline, underneath a rather impressive large brick railway bridge. Passing a camping site on both the right and left of this track with views to the sea, the Felbrigg circular walk eventually brings you to the edge of some residential houses.
  3. Cross straight over and walk along the pavement until you reach the main road into Cromer.
  4. Turn left here and walk down the hill, passing the station on the left, and walk straight over the small roundabout. Continue down the hill, ignoring Hall Road on the right. Take the next right at Meadow Road which will bring you back to the car park.

I really hope you enjoy this Felbrigg Circular walk.