Coastal Walks In Norfolk

Coastal Walks in Norfolk are plentiful, and whether you walk on many of the designated trails such as the Norfolk Coast Path, Peddars Way, The Wherryman's Way, The Paston Way, or even through some of the Nature Reserves, you’re guaranteed to experience:

  • the beautiful and stunning beaches
  • curious fossilised cliff tops,
  • board walks
  • vast reclaimed salt marshes
  • some amazing species of birds and wildlife
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

You’ll then understand why the coast of Norfolk is loved by so many and why there is so much to explore in Norfolk.

We also feature inland walks below as well.

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Coastal Walks in Norfolk

Walk 1:  Stiffkey to Wells
Walk 2:  Holme Dunes
Walk 3:  Cley Marshes
Walk 4:  Cromer Lighthouse circular walk
Walk 5:  Horsey Windpump Walk
Walk 6:  Cromer to the Roman Camp 
Walk 7:  4 Short Coastal Walks
Walk 8:  Salthouse Circular Walk


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16 Dog Walks Around The Norfolk Coast

16 Coastal Dog Walks Around The Norfolk Coast

Here's your chance to purchase the very popular Dog Walks Around The Norfolk Coast book.  It has 16 coastal dog walks where you hardly need a lead.  I found many dog walks required a lot of road walking, so decided to put together a dog walking book where you could let you pet off the lead as much as possible.  You can find much more detail about the book here.

Explore Norfolk By Foot

This is by far the best way to get a feel for what the Norfolk coast is really all about.  The vast expanse of open landscape provides the most incredible scenery, and the wildlife is second to none.   Here on the Norfolk coast you have some of the best bird watching in the UK

Some of these walks form part of the beautiful Norfolk Coast Path which covers 63 miles of the North Norfolk coast from Hunstanton to Sea Palling. If you'd like to discover more about this National Trail, we'd be delighted to discuss and help tailor a walking holiday for you.  You can see much more on our Norfolk walking holidays page.

Bird watching

Coastal Walk 1

Stiffkey to Wells-next-the-Sea (and back again!)

Length:  6 miles return journey.
Ease of Walk:  easy walking
What you’ll see:  many species of birds, mud flats, salt marshes, creeks, Wells-next-the-Sea working fishing harbour and Wells town, fishing boats and sailing boats, flora and fauna.

This is a wonderfully flat walk, not difficult at all and will probably take you about 3 hours, (3 miles one way, 3 miles back).  And most important, you can grab some delicious fish and chips (or you have the delightful Wells Deli to pick up a treat or two) at the half way point, eat it all while watching the world go by on the harbour at Wells, and then, revitalised, walk back for the return journey. 

This is a very pleasant walk and for all abilities (if you’ve got children, this is a great one for tiring them out and leaving you to have a quiet night!).

Click here for more details on the walk from Stiffkey Marshes

Stiffkey Marshes walk

Coastal Walk 2


Length:  Approx 3-5 miles (1.5 miles to NWT tea room or 2.7 miles to Thornham)
Ease of walk:  easy walking
What you’ll see:  sand dunes and beach, golf course, board walks, information boards, many species of birds, walking within the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve, tea room.

This walk can be as long or as short as you wish.  It just depends on how far you want to walk.  You can easily walk from Holme to Thornham, which would be about 5-6 miles return.   However, this shorter walk is a good walk with children as it’s not too long, and you have the added bonus of a bribe of refreshments half way, at the NWT tea room!  Easy walking with delightful scenery; both out to sea and inland. 

Again, this is easy walking, along the board walks, but fascinating scenery both inland and out towards the sea with a large channel going out to sea, breaking Holme beach in two. 

There are also 3 circular walks which I have put a link to, so you can actually choose from 3 different lengths of walk.

Click here for more details on the Holme Dunes walk

Holme Dunes Walk

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Coastal Walk 3

Cley Marshes Circular Walk

Length:  Just under 3 miles
Ease of walk:  Easy walking although once on the beach, it is very stony.
What you’ll see:  Copious amounts of bird life, board walks, reeds and meadows, hides (when open), Cley beach, NWT Visitor Centre for refreshments, gifts and binoculars, World War II relics in the form of a Pill box and gun turret.

This is another easy walk which will take you just under 2 hours, with amazing bird watching all the way around.  Stop at benches or hides, take in the incredible Norfolk coastal landscape, dabble your feet in the sea, or admire the old World War II relics. 

Click here for more details on Cley Marshes circular walk

Cley Marshes

Coastal Walk 4

Cromer Lighthouse circular walk

Length:  5.2 miles return journey
Ease of Walk:  Easy, apart from 236 steps from beach to cliff top
What you’ll see:  beaches, woodland, heathland, lighthouse, golf course

This is a fairly flat walk, but does have an ascent from the beach to the cliff top which included 236 steps.  The views though are well worth the effort and the majestic Cromer Lighthouse and heathland make it an beautiful walk with fantastic scenery.

Click here for more details on the Cromer Lighthouse Circular Walk

View from the top of the cliff by Cromer Lighthouse

Coastal Walk 5

Horsey Windpump Circular Walk

Length:  5 miles
Ease of walk:  Easy walking, flat, could be muddy
What you’ll see:  Dykes, the mere, the beach and seals in winter, dunes, reed beds, meadows, farmland, WWII pill box on dunes.

This very varied walk is an easy one, and will take about 2.5 hours.  It's a fantastic walk in the winter months as you can stop on Horsey beach and admire the swathes of seals and their pups, an experience in itself.

You'll take in two windpumps, the Horsey wind pump at the beginning of the walk, and the derelict but picturesqe Brograve Drainage Mill near the end (or beginning depending on which way you walk).  You'll be walking over fields, alongside dykes with swishing reeds, along the sand dunes of the beach and behind Horsey mere. 

Click here for more details on the Horsey Windpump coastal walk

Brograve Drainage Mill

Coastal Walk 6

Cromer to the Roman Camp at Beeston Regis

Length:  6.25 miles
Ease of Walk:  Moderate, there is  a climb up to the top of the Roman Camp, and Incleborough Hill if you wish, but once up, there’s only ever one way back, and that’s down!  
What you’ll see:  views over the North Sea, woodland, heathland, golf course, views towards Cromer from Incleborough Hill, crossing over  railway line, fields and open countryside.

This is a slightly longer walk which takes you from the middle of the bustling town of Cromer to the peace and quiet of the Roman Camp at Beeston Regis, one of the highest points in Norfolk.  You'll catch wonderful views over towards the sea, and from Incleborough Hill you'll be able to see Cromer in the distance and you'll walk through pretty woodland and over heathland covered in gorse and heather.

Click here for more details on the Roman Camp circular walk.

Views over the golf course to the sea

4 Short Coastal Walks

Here I give you 4 short coastal walk ideas.  All along parts of the Norfolk Coast Path, these are walks you may already know about but don't think about doing.  Catching the Coasthopper bus makes these walks an enjoyable day out, or a morning walk with a pub lunch afterwards.  (One of the short coastal walks is covered above - Wells to Stiffkey).

Click here for more details on the 4 Short Coastal Walks.

Short coastal walks

Coastal Walk 8

Salthouse Circular Walk

Length of walk:  Approx 5.5 miles
Ease of walk:  Moderate – incline up to the top of the heathland and shingle along Cley beach
What you’ll see:  Wonderful views over the countryside to the coast, remains of a WWII Radar Station, goats with long horns, heathland and gorse, Cley Nature reserve and wildlife, shingle beach, WWII pill box

This walk starts in a very typical flintstone Norfolk village on the North Norfolk Coast and takes you up to the magnificent Salthouse church and  on to the heathland and countryside with amazing views over the coastline.  It then brings you back down to the saltmarshes and water meadows around Cley Nature Reserve and along the shingle beach to eventually return to Salthouse.

Click here to read more about the Salthouse Circular Walk.

Inland Walks

Below are some inland walks you may enjoy.

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