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Felbrigg Hall Walks

These Felbrigg Hall walks are fantastic for whiling away an hour or two when the North Norfolk coast doesn't seem so appealing, or you’re planning on visiting the National Trust property of Felbrigg Hall and want to make a day of it, or you simply want an undisturbed walk in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.

Close to the Norfolk Coast Path Trail, this is an easy walk amongst the woodland and lake of this historic house.

Victory V wood at Felbrigg Hall

There are acres of parkland and woodland to wander around, you can get as far away as you wish and soak up the peace and tranquillity of the surrounding area.  And, once here,  it’s difficult to believe you’re only a few miles from the completely different scenery and landscape on the Norfolk beaches.

There are 3 easy circular dog friendly options here, and all go around the periphery of The National Trust's Felbrigg Hall.

(You will have to pay for parking (approx £3 for non members).

Felbrigg Hall Walks

Red = Walk 1 around the lake
Purple = Walk 2 in the wood
Green = Walk 3 around the wood and lake

Felbrigg Hall Walk No 1.

All the walks take you past extremely fascinating sights which lay in the grounds of the Hall.

  • On this first walk you'll come across box pews, a huge sessile oak tree and the lovely tranquil setting of a lake.

This option is just under 2 miles, easy walking and just a tiny bit longer than walk no. 2.   However, this one isn’t really pushchair friendly, unlike walk no. 2

Felbrigg Hall walk to church and lake

Start this one in the car park.  At the end of the car park nearest the Hall, you’ll see on the left hand side a little wrought iron gate leading into the parkland.   Go through this gate and head towards the church.

Felbrigg Hall parkland

Walk through the parkland, avoiding the cows or sheep (and dogs on leads if necessary) and you will eventually arrive at the church.

The box pews at Felbrigg Hall Church

When you get to the church, it’s worth taking the time to go inside.  It’s a beautiful little country church, 600 years old, with the most extraordinary box pews.  I’ve never seen these before, and if you haven’t, I think you’ll find them fascinating.

The lake at Felbrigg Hall

Once out of the church gate, turn left and head through another gate and bear right towards the brow of the hill.  You’ll come across 2 more gates here, take the right hand kissing gate, bear immediately left to another gate in a stone wall.  Once through this gate, turn right and go down the hill towards the picturesque lake, which you’ll see in front of you. You can see the top of the Hall from here and there's a bench at the far end of the lake where you can rest and marvel at the view.

The swamp at the end of the lake

At the end of the lake, turn right, through the woods, and follow the well-trodden path until you come out of the woods.  Walk a tiny way along there and then bear right (not well signposted) down the slope and over a bridge (which goes over a swamp) and up the other side.  Turn left at the top of the steps and walk along the track between two fences. 

The sessile Oak

This takes you past the HUGE (and I mean huge!) sessile oak tree.  It’s thought to be 500 years old, and has a 9 meter circumference.   Unfortunately the photo doesn’t really do it justice.

Behind the tree is a gate which takes you back to Felbrigg Hall across the parkland. 

Felbrigg Hall Walk No. 2

The second option has yet more fascinating sights;

  • an ancient ice house and part of a wood planted in the form of a “V”.

This is also just under 2 miles.  

Felbrigg Hall

From the car park, walk towards the hall and take the tarmacked road with the Hall on your right and the open countryside on your left.  This road is excellent for pushchairs and wheelchairs too and you can actually get all the way round this walk with a pushchair. 

The easy tarmac road through Felbrigg Hall estate

Meander all the way along to as far as you can go, and just before you reach a gate house turn right into the woods, along a well-trodden path. 

Felbrigg Hall Woodland walk

Once in the woods, you follow this path, all the time bearing slightly right. 

Felbrigg Hall ice house

Eventually you come across the extraordinary sight of the Grade II listed Ice House. 
An Ice House was used for the preservation of ice which could be used in the summer months.  Usually they were built partly underground.  This one at Felbrigg Hall was built in the 18th century using Flemish bond brick.

The Victory V wood

Continue on this very pleasant and easy walk until you reach another spectacle!  The “Victory V” wood.  Planted  in 1946, it was designed to be seen as a “V” from the air.  Here you can sit and soak up the beautiful  surroundings and then head back down towards Felbrigg Hall taking the left hand path at the “V”.

That is a nice simple walk. 

Felbrigg Hall Walk No. 3

This third walk is the longest walk, a 2.6 mile walk, but incorporates the two walks above.   

If you start at Walk No 1, the only difference being is that once you get to the sessile oak (in Walk No 1), instead of taking the gate and heading towards the Hall, you carry on along the path, go straight on through a kissing gate.  Bear right and slip through the small gap next to a brick wall.  This brings you out to another small car park, and the tarmac road and gate house described in Walk 2.  Head towards the gate house and continue with the second walk.

I hope you enjoy one or more of these Felbrigg Hall walks, it really is very beautiful Norfolk countryside. 

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