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About Suzy Watson and Explore Norfolk UK

My name is Suzy Watson, and I have established this website to share with you as much  information on Norfolk as I possibly can, so that you, too, can enjoy this wonderful county as much as I do.  

This site is growing out of my love of Norfolk.  Norfolk UK that is. 

Considered a newcomer, and very definitely still a newcomer to Norfolk 30 years on (but I’m working on it, I only need about another 3 generations below me to become established in the county!!) it dawned on me a while ago that Norfolk actually has a massive amount to offer - not just to the visitors, but to the people who live and work in this wonderful county too.  

I also run a Norfolk Walking Holiday business where I really enjoy organising and helping to bring together a hassle-free walking holiday for you along any of the trails that I feature.

Suzy Watson, owner and founder of Explore Norfolk UK and Norfolk Walking HolidaysSuzy Watson

This site has a very personal slant on Norfolk with honest opinions of what I really feel.  You won't find any information taken from books here, it's all written from my own experiences.

Every place I write about I have walked on, visited, been inspired, or just been intrigued by.   

I wanted to give you the chance to have a comprehensive resource for all things Norfolk at your fingertips, (still much to see and write about!).

Norfolk throws up so many mysteries (the pill boxes on the beaches), historical stories (the stately homes and castle ruins), the magnificent landscapes which artists love (the beaches and nature reserves), and so much more.

And I felt it important to be able to bring to you all the information that I was wanting to find out for myself and that nobody was telling me about, for example the seals in Norfolk - how to see them, when to see them -  and to try and put all this information in one place. 

Writing Some Useful Books!

  • My love of walking on the fantastic Norfolk beaches has also lead me to write the most comprehensive handbook on Norfolk beaches that's available today.  I had no idea, when we first moved here, that there were so many beaches to visit and all very different.  It made perfect sense for me to write a book for everybody who visits and lives in Norfolk, where you'll be able to make a quick decision as to which beach you want to go to (and much more!).
  • And with the love of my Norwich Terriers I've had over the years (as well as a husband and 3 children!) and the love of walking, I've also written a  book on 16 coastal dog walks, all of which I've obviously done with my dogs!   It gave me an excuse to explore so much more of Norfolk, and I hope it does for you too.
  • With such a rich history of amazing priory or castle ruins, iconic lighthouses and varying windpumps around the county, I also set about writing another walking book.  This Norfolk Heritage Walks book features 18 circular walks and each one has something of interest to learn about or just admire on a day's walk, whether it be 1 mile or 7 miles. 

Norfolk Walking Holidays With Explore Norfolk UK

Why did I set up a walking holiday business in Norfolk, you may be asking yourself?!  Well, because:

  • I love walking
  • I love getting out in the fresh air, and
  •  I love taking time out to admire the landscape and wildlife that we are so lucky to have here in Norfolk
  • I wanted to share all this with others

And I know you'll feel the same way if you're also a walker.

So, one day, back in 2014, as I was walking along a stretch of the Norfolk Coast Path and being stunned by its beauty yet again, I suddenly realised just what I could offer you in the way of Norfolk Walking Holidays.  So here, as well as living in Norfolk and loving the countryside, I also give you the opportunity to book a Norfolk walking holiday through Explore Norfolk UK, a truly Norfolk business.  My walking holiday business has now been going for just shy of 10 years and is growing every year with wonderful testimonials and, I'm delighted to say, very happy walkers!

  • And I love bringing to fruition someone's idea of a fantastic walking holiday, I really do!

Below is a tiny little stretch of the Norfolk Coast Path, walking up to a point called Gun Hill further on from Burnham Overy Staithe.  Seeing this in person has a real wow factor but I'm giving you a little peek here!

In 2018 I was asked to take part in the Great English Walking Trails project to encourage overseas visitors to walk some of the National Trails here in the UK.   The conclusion was to set up a specific 4 day bespoke trail in association with greatenglishtrails.co.uk and the National Trails.  Norfolk Trails (Norfolk County Council) keep the paths and trails well maintained here in Norfolk and thanks must go to them as well.

Working With, And Featuring Local Businesses

Due to the fact that this website covers as much of Norfolk as is possible over the years that I have been established, I work with, and feature many businesses such as pubs and hotels, as well as individuals who own holiday accommodation. 

I feel proud that they have come to me to ask to be featured on an ever growing and informative website that promotes the wonders of Norfolk, and I do this because I know that many of you visiting Explore Norfolk UK are looking for places to stay , so I hope I'm helping you in finding a great place to stay during your time here.   If you'd like your business featured you can find out more about it here.

If you'd  like to read an interview that I did for Norfolk Hotels.co.uk about walking and my love of Norfolk, you can read it here - Walk This Way - A guide to Norfolk Walking

I still have so many stories to add here, I can’t wait to get writing – and I hope you enjoy the reading and venturing out to visit some of these amazingly wonderful places that Norfolk has on offer.

So that's enough about me!

It's now your chance to tell me what you would like to read about, that you can't already find on the website.  You can let me know by going over to the contact page and filling in the form.

Wondering What To Do In Norfolk?

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