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With so much to see in Norfolk, it can become quite daunting to know where to start when you eventually arrive in this diverse county.  Do you go shopping, do you go to the beach, and if so, which one, do you visit one of the many historical houses, the list goes on.....!

This is where the free Explore Norfolk UK newsletter will help you.  It's a short monthly email newsletter (nothing to clog up your inbox) passing on my passion for the county and all it has to offer to you.  I know what newsletters can be like, you take one look at them and decide you don't have the time for them.  That's why I keep mine short and make them easy for you to read, and they'll only come to you if and when I have something important to share.   For example, it will have summaries of:

  • independent views of different sites and places to visit in this wonderful county,
  • maybe some little titbits of things you never knew about Norfolk 
  • some of Norfolk's hidden gems

You can look at some of the past issues here.

And when you've got more time to read in depth, you can then follow the links to the website for more detailed information.  What's more, it will keep you up to date with new additions to Explore Norfolk UK’s website

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There is so much to see and do in Norfolk, why not get some fresh and exciting ideas by signing up to our regular newsletter?

You can take a look at some past issues here.

Some of the pictures below just show you how wonderfully diverse Norfolk is, and I look forward to giving you an insight into much more in my regular Explore Norfolk UK Newsletter.

Blickling Hall
Cley Marshes
Caister Lifeboat House
Waks on the coast
Market town of Wymondham
Norfolk's Norman round tower churches

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