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The Peddars Way Blog Day 3

Swaffham to Harpley Dams
12.5 miles

I rejoined the Peddars Way Path at the crossroads junction in the middle of the wood just south of the A47.  I knew I was approaching this busy road as I could hear constant traffic coming from that direction.   Once there, it took me a little while to cross over, although not as busy as day 1 when I had to carefully cross the A11 – seems like an age ago and totally different landscape now too.

Part of the Peddars Way near Castle Acre

This next stretch along a wide track very much like a road took me over the disused railway line that used to run into Swaffham, and along Palgrave Road, past cottages and a pretty pond on the corner.  I think the whole reoccurring theme for this walk is peace.  It always seems so quiet everywhere, it’s wonderful.

Flora and fauna along the Peddars Way
Bank of primroses along the Peddars Way

Following all the waymarkers, walking most of the way along tarmac road, passing banks of pretty primroses and blackthorn blossom just coming out in the hedges,  I headed towards Castle Acre.   Not a lot going on around about but the countryside was definitely changing into wooded rolling landscape.  I knew I was approaching Castle Acre when I saw the Priory ruins in the distance.

Castle Acre Priory

I had Muttley my trusty Norwich Terrier with me who was dying for a drink in the ford.  He took a few too many steps and got in rather deep, but at least he was now a bit cooler!  I was quite keen to sit on the bench at the ford, but unfortunately for me there were 3 ladies already sitting, so I carried on around the corner and ventured off the track to sit for a few moments besides the very pretty River Nar. 

I passed the very impressive ruins of Castle Acre Priory and walked through the incredibly pretty flint stone village.  The trail took me out of Castle Acre, along the side of fields and with a bit more road walking I soon ended up at Shepherd's Bush (not London!).  From here, I was quite pleased to be back on farm tracks and wide paths as I headed towards Harpley with the surrounding peace just magical.

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