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Old Hunstanton Beach

Best kite surfing beach in the UK

There’s a difference between Old Hunstanton beach and Hunstanton beach

The two are complete opposites.

  • Old Hunstanton is a sprawling vista of sky and sand as far as the eye can see,
  • Hunstanton is a promenade beach with attractions all around and never a dull moment, so two beaches which have something for everyone.

Old Hunstanton beach is one of my favourite Norfolk beaches.  Masses of parking available, and empty swathes of sand if you want to get away from it all.  If you only want to walk a tiny little way but also have space around you, then this is perfect for you too.

As with all of Explore Norfolk UK, it’s up to you what you do!

You can have it like this photo (and this was a Sunday afternoon on a bank holiday weekend!),

Family Friendly Beach

Old Hunstanton Norfolk


like this  (and this was the same day).  And yes, they are the same Norfolk beach! 

Another great family friendly beach is Wells beach, further east along the North Norfolk coast.  Or you have Heacham beach just down the road from "Sunny Hunny".

Hunstanton Norfolk Coast

This beach is just up the road from (new) Hunstanton beach, so not very far away at all.  A short drive is all it takes to reach the car park. 

However, when the tide is out you can walk all the way around the fascinating and famous cliffs which mark out Hunstanton from any beaches in Norfolk UK, and in England.  You’ll see why when you visit, but the cliff is divided very strongly into its 3 layers, red chalk, white chalk and carstone.  You’ll see many of the houses around this area built of carstone – in fact the Golden Lion Hotel in the town is a perfect example of a carstone building.

Old Hunstanton beach is part of the Norfolk Coast Path.  You can either walk along the beach itself, or in amongst the dunes and beach huts overlooking the swathes of sand.  It's a fantastic walk along this stunning coast, I can show you more here on the Norfolk Coast Path blog, taking 6 days to walk from Hunstanton to Sea Palling.  It was magical.

Golden Lion Hotel, Hunstanton

Golden Lion Hotel in Hunstanton

Famous Hunstanton cliffs

Hunstanton Cliffs

Dog friendly beach

Old Hunstanton beach is another great dog friendly beach where you can give your dog a wonderful walk.  In fact it just gets to the stage where you feel you want to walk and walk and not turn around.

Dog Friendly Hunstanton Norfolk

Kite surfing on Old Hunstanton beach

On a cold day when the weather isn’t so conducive to a spot of sunbathing, the kite surfers can be found flying across the waves, loving every minute of it (I presume!). 

Kite surfing in Norfolk
Kite Surfing Old Hunstanton

This is supposed to be the best beach in England for kite surfing and with a hotel just a short walk away from the beach, this makes for a perfect location for this very popular sport, as well as wind surfing.

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