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Walking, The Giant Mammoth And A Reef Beach
January 06, 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2015 issue of Explore Norfolk UK.

In this addition: • The exciting new extension to the Norfolk Coast Path • The story of the creation of the life size model of the West Runton Mammoth • A town built out of know where– Hunstanton • Sea Palling Beach


The Extended Norfolk Coast Path

New to Norfolk - In December 2014 Norfolk finally became linked into the England Coast Path with a new stretch of footpath open from Weybourne to Sea Palling making the Norfolk Coast Path 63 miles instead of its former 42! For those of you that have walked the Norfolk Coast Path, you’re going to have to think again! Some of this new path covers the already well known Norfolk Coast Path, but this new stretch takes you further than Cromer, all the way to Sea Palling, hugging the coastline, giving everyone a chance to explore more of our fantastic coast. This is a very exciting development for Norfolk and only the beginning as there is more in store, such as extending the path from Hunstanton to King’s Lynn and Sea Palling to Hopton

The Creation of the Articulated Life Size Model of The West Runton Elephant

Last month I was very excited to meet up with the creator of the life size articulated West Runton Elephant! This fun model made its first appearance on West Runton beach back in the summer of 2014 and will be making a few more appearances during 2015. It will be walking the beaches again, as well as paying visits to Cromer Museums at Night and the Great Yarmouth Arts Festival and the Weybourne Festival. It’s an extraordinary creation, and is the best way for Norfolk to show off this incredible mammoth, the bones of which were discovered by a local resident. You can find out more on this story about the West Runton Elephant here.

Hunstanton, The Town Which Grew Out Of Nowhere

Some of you may know Hunstanton, some of you may have visited it, and some of you may never have heard of it. Sitting on the West coast of Norfolk, it’s one of those towns that has very mixed reviews. Some love it, some aren’t quite so keen on it, you can let me know your views on the town by contacting us and I may share them in the next issue!

Whilst on the theme of walking, Hunstanton is also known for being the town where the Norfolk Coast Path National Trail starts, running all the way to Sea Palling (as at December 2014), but did you know that the town used to have a railway station which was right on the sea front, and the line passed through the Royal station of Wolferton? And did you know that the town was the brainchild of a member of the Le Strange family who still live in Hunstanton today? For more on Hunstanton, click here.

Sea Palling Beach

As the new coast path runs all the way to Sea Palling, and we're on the walking theme, I thought I’d share with you my review on Sea Palling beach.

So I hope your year starts of extremely well, and I’m excited that you’re giving me the chance to share what Norfolk is all about. In the meantime, you can find out much more about what Norfolk has to offer at Explore Norfolk UK.

Best wishes


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